Twitter Creates Worst (or Best) Recruitment Video Ever [VIDEO]

A Twitter Hack Week project has gone completely viral after being released last Friday on YouTube. The video titled, “At Twitter, the Future is You!” is a spoof on terrible corporate-made recruitment videos and it is bad ― so bad, it’s good.  

According to the Twitter blog, Hack Week is one way the company actively promotes innovation through experimentation. Employees can take time away from their day-to-day work to collaborate and develop ideas that they are passionate about. This week’s Hack Week project ― “to create the best/worst recruiting video of all time.” And, succeed they did. 

With over 430,000 views on YouTube already, the video, created by Twitter duo Ian Padgham and Jeremy Briggs, takes viewers into the mysterious world of working for Twitter. Complete with bad acting, cheesy lines and poor production, the video promises “Opportunity,” “A Dynamic Workplace,” and “Friends for Life!”

The social media company has over 100 openings on their jobs page and is clearly making a strong recruiting effort, but does this entertaining video really make you want to work for Twitter? What do you think?  

If you haven’t gotten enough of Twitter’s witty humor, check out another one of their recruitment videos from 2010, “Meet the Class of Twitter HQ.”

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