2012 Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Activity Report: LinkedIn Still King

Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Report

LinkedIn drives more job views and applicants than Facebook and Twitter combined… 

This finding, along with dozens of other key findings, are highlighted in the Bullhorn Reach 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report. OK, so it seems like every recruiting software vendor these days is publishing some type of report, study, infographic or eBook, so why should you invest the time in reading another piece of content? The Bullhorn Reach report is a definitive analysis of what recruiters are actually doing versus a survey-based study of what recruiters say they are doing (or plan on doing in the future). In other words, this report is filled with hard facts derived from the social recruiting activity of over 35,000 recruiters. It even reveals which social networks job seekers are using most to view and apply for jobs.

Check it out and see if our data aligns with how you leverage social networks for recruiting.  If you’re not a heavy user of social networks, take a look at how your peers are leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Like the rest of Bullhorn Reach, the report is entirely FREE.  And, if you’d like the Cliffs Notes version, take a look at the infographic.  

                                                Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Report Infographic

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